9 School researchers in the CSIC ranking of the most outstanding female scientists

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

117 UPC researchers, among which 9 from our School, are listed in the second edition of the CSIC ranking of Spanish and foreign female scientists who conduct research in Spain. The ranking only includes female researchers with an h-index of at least 18.


Among these 9 female researchers, Ivet Ferrer, Anna Serra and Marianna Garfí, are on the top 10. The female researchers, among the 117 UPC female researchers are as follows:

Ivet ferrer (394)
Anna Serra (1100)
Marianna Garfi (1237)
Enrica Uggetti (2652)
Esther Real (2696)
Sonia Fernández (4818)
Núria Pinyol (4954)
Irene Arias (5454)
Narges Dialami (7109).

The ranking aims to increase the visibility of the work by female researchers. It is produced by the Cybermetrics Lab as part of the CSIC’s commitment to gender equality.

What is the h-index?

It is a metric that measures the impact of an author’s research by combining quality and quantity. It is calculated by sorting the set of papers from highest to lowest according to the number of citations. An author’s h-index, therefore, depends on the number of works published and the number of citations that each work has attracted.

Source: UPC Press Room