Women in Urban Mobility Project launched!

dilluns, 3 maig, 2021

The project "Women in Urban Mobility", in which UPC and CARNET participate, has already been launched. This is a project financed by EIT Urban Mobility and supported by many important partners related with the field of mobility.

We invite you to participate and make a difference in the world of urban mobility today. As we recognize the value of diverse perspectives and approaches everyone is welcome - citizens, city planners, students, researchers, corporates, start-ups.

 The UPC participates together with CARNET, UnternehmerTUM and JA Bulgaria in this project, whose main goal is to give more visibility to women's role in the field of urban mobility. We are organizing training workshops as well as meetups on different topics, aiming both at improving womens' skills and at highlighting the existence of a gender perspective in mobility.  In addition, we want to create an international network of women working on urban mobility from Academia (students, researchers, professors), Administrations and private companies. Of course, men are also welcome!!