Modeling soil-structure interaction by means of the macro-element concept - Seminari de Recerca en Geotècnia

Seminari a càrrec de Dr Diana Salciarini, Associate Professor of Geotechnical Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Università degli Studi di Perugia, Italy

Abstracts: Modeling soil-structure interaction by means of the macro-element concept 


She works in the fields of theoretical and computational soil mechanics and modeling of fully coupled multi-physical systems, with a special emphasis on geomechanical applications.

The objective of her research is to advance the understanding on multiphase materials under extreme conditions and enhance predictive capabilities for related engineering applications, including but not limited to: rainfall-induced landslides, soilstructure- interaction effects under dynamic/cyclic loading conditions, hydro-thermo-mechanical behavior of energy foundations. Her research includes: formulation and implementation of advanced models based on the macroelement approach; combined deterministicstochastic method for natural hazard predictions; and development of finite element analyses for unsaturated THM engineering problems.

Escola de Camins, Edif. D2, aula de seminaris - 212
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