Looking for exchange master students at CIMNE

Miércoles, Junio 17, 2020

Students background/interests : computational geomechanics, finite elements, civil engineering

Possible internships at www.geomod.ch or at https://www.heia-fr.ch/fr/recherche-appliquee/instituts/itec/

Duration : 3-6 months


Keywords : 
  • Risk and reliability analysis in geotechnics / soil mechanics: design optimization, reliability updating (Bayesian inference), spatial variability (random fields) coupling uncertainty quantification with state-of-the-art nonlinear finite element software package www.zsoil.com applied to soil-structure interaction
  • Developing template applications (on Android or iOS) interacting with www.zsoil.com (building simple user interfaces for selected problems like slope stability, retaining walls, shallow or deep foundations, ...)
Salary : 1500 Euros/months
Please contact: scommend@geomod.ch