Symposium on "Urban Mobility challenges"

Viernes, Noviembre 9, 2018

12th November 2018

Challenges for Urban Mobility 2018: MaaS, data and xG in our cities

In 2050, 68% of the population will live in urban areas and urban distance travelled each year will have trebled. The average time urban drivers spend languishing in traffic jams is set to double to 106 hours a year. What are the consequences we can draw today?



MaaS is a new concept that offers consumers access to a range of vehicle types and journey experiences. MaaS may be perceived by travellers as a ‘better choice’ and may change how we currently travel. But there is uncertainty as to how the MaaS marketplace will develop; MaaS offerings may take many forms and be marketed to different types of customer. Providing mobility using MaaS may result in consumers deciding they no longer need to own a car. It may also have other consequences, such as increasing the number of journeys or leading to mode-shift away from public transport.

This symposium will show what MaaS could look like and gives insights to the development in different countries. It also identities the stakeholders that are needed to deliver and the benefits that MaaS could provide to different stakeholders.

However, the change at high speed comes through the combination of technical possibilities with social concepts. The possibility of data processing leads to ever more secure and faster X2X-communication. The symposium will also give us a deeper insight into the emerging possibilities of the 5G technologies and, of course, room for discussion with top international experts.