Babson Build for Santander Universities Students

Viernes, Junio 1, 2018

Babson Build for Santander Universities Students is an experiential program designed to help undergraduate students think and act entrepreneurially via Babson’s one-of-a-kind Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® (ET&A™) methodology. This program provides a unique opportunity to form relationships with fellow students from all around the world, both in and out of the classroom.

30 scholarships provided by Santander.

Deadline application: 19/06/2018


Candidates: Participants must currently be enrolled in an undergraduate program, and able to speak and write in English proficiently and must be at least 18 years old

Scholarship: 30 scholarships for students of the Santander Universities network. *check the conditions at the website

Program: 2 weeks academic program| From 23July . 04August 2018


Contact: Nan Covert,

Further information: