Wind energy, past, present and the future

El professor Po-Wen Cheng, de l'Institute of Aircraft Design (University of Stuttgart) impartirà a l'Escola de Camins el seminari: Wind energy, past, present and the future.


Why there is basically one wind energy concept that dominate the current wind turbine design. To understand we need to go back to the past to revisit the designs that have been tried before, such as one or two bladed rotor, downwind turbine, vertical axis, stall regulated wind turbine or asynchronous generator. Furthermore more we will look at the current challenges for wind turbine design, onshore, offshore and floating. How will the wind turbines and wind farm look out in 20 years? Will they be very different than what we know today?  

Escola de Camins, sala polivalent, edif. C1, planta baixa
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