Professor Xavier Sanchez-Vila among the Forbes Top 50 Awarded Spaniardspresents

Thursday, December 16, 2021

The "Forbes Top 50 Awarded Spaniards" presents Prof. Xavier Sanchez-Vila's trajectory and contributions as among the top 50 most notorious worldwide, and mentions explicitly the Henry Darcy Medal awarded to him in 2020 by the European Geosciences Union.

The 2020 Henry Darcy Medal is awarded to Xavier Sanchez-Vila in recognition of his innovative theoretical work and practical solutions regarding aquifer characterisation, subsurface solute transport processes and managed aquifer recharge.

Prof. Xavier Sanchez-Vila is a leader and a reference in the field of quantitative groundwater hydrology. He has not only made lasting contributions to the fundamental problems of groundwater hydrology, but has also managed to apply these findings to everyday water engineering problems, often changing the way these problems are faced in real life. Prof. Sanchez-Vila has enriched and pushed our ability to characterise physical processes in complex porous systems beyond previous boundaries. The groundbreaking nature of his research and the combination of its depth, breadth and interdisciplinarity constitute important steps forward for science and society.

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