Seminari de Recerca en Geotècnia - Effect of chemical treatment on some physical parameters of a natural expansive clay from Oran, Algeria

Prof. Abdelkader Hachichi

Department of Civil Engineering. Laboratory of Material and Soil

University of Science and Technology Med Boudiaf, Oran, Algeria


Abstract: Soil stabilization is a technique introduced many years ago in Algeria. It was used to improve the mechanical and physical characteristics of the soil in road construction and embankment fills in order to meet the requirements of specific engineering projects. This study was carried out on a natural expansive clay of Oran, Mers El Kebir (Algeria) which was treated with different salt solutions and lime. The stabilization methods used in this study lead to significant reductions of the swelling, and improve the mechanical and physical properties of the studied soil. The treatment with a high percentage of lime significantly reduces the average pore diameter of the treated clay.


Escola de Camins, Edifici D2, aula seminaris 212
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