Webinar "Filling the gap between monitoring and modelling in geotechnical engineering"

Impartido por Cristian de Santos (SAALG Geomechanics) (ex-alumno de la Escuela de Caminos), este webinar es el tercero de una serie de cuatro que se imparten en Abril y Mayo 2022, versan sobre “Landslide Monitoring for Early Warning Systems”.


Practical directions to follow the webinars:

The technical sessions will be held in English.

The attendance is free.

The webinars will be held online through a Google MEET session

To be invited to one or several days, a simple pre-webinar registration is required: you must send an email to EWS.webinars.April2021@gmail.com (the “2021” in the address is not a mistake, this gmail was configured for the 1st edition!) indicating your intention to attend to one or several webinars.In the attached PDF you may find the factual information about the four webinars, a short description about the ‘PyrMove’ and the ‘GeoRisk’ projects and some useful links.For additional information, do not hesitate to contact the webinars ‘curators’:

You will receive the webinar link the day before each session.
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