Webinar-Course (25-29 October 2021): The Vajont landslide: a comprehensive understanding of a man-induced disaster

dijous, 30 setembre, 2021

Organizers: CSIM - International Centre for mechanical Sciences and University of Udine

The course is intended for students, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in Civil, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Geology, Applied Sciences and Earth and Planetary Sciences as well as for professional technicians, who are interested in deepening their knowledge on the various and relevant issues concerning the catastrophic Vajont landslide along with theoretical and practical aspects in the field of rock mechanics and rock slopes stability problems.

Further information: https://www.cism.it/en/activities/events/E2105/

The proposed course will analysed topical geomechanical aspects of the Vajont slide on the basis of recently data acquired from the field and in the view of a innovative rock mechanics approach that implements further knowledge on the rock slopes progressive failure mechanism along with new insights into numerical modelling of rock slopes. The lectures would focus on historical, hydrogeological, geomechanical and dynamic aspects of the Vajont landslide.


Prof. Eduardo Alonso (UPC)

Dr. Núria Pinyol (UPC)

Prof. Paolo Paranuzzi (Universtiy of Udine)

Dr. Alberto Bolla (Universtiy of Udine)