Seminari: New approaches to advance in the characterization of coastal aquifers

El seminari, organitzat pel grup d'hidrologia subterrània, serà impartit pel Sr. Albert Folch Sancho, investigador de l'Escola de Camins - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Understanding the behavior and dynamics of seawater intrusion (SWI) is important for both, for managing groundwater resources in coastal areas and quantifying submarine groundwater discharge (SGD), with a significant influence on the coastal ecosystems.

The Argentona site, as part of the MEDSITRAES project, has been constructed to do research in both fields. As stated in previous seminars, significant advances have been taking place during the project with the application of new techniques in the field (CHERT, FO-DTS, Induction logging, etc.) highlighting some problems of the current paradigms in  the characterization of SWI. In the field of SGD, some advances have been made despite not being explained yet. However, some bumps appeared in the road… Furthermore, the detailed level of description required for proper characterization of costal aquifers can not be assumed by water agencies due to its cost.

Based on the forging,  in this presentation we will show:

1) why SGD is not properly estimated and some advances during MEDSITRAES project in this field,

2) some problems found during SWI and SGD characterization and how we expect to overcome them, and

3) a new approach to characterize coastal aquifers that may be practical for water authorities at a lower cost compared to traditional methods.

Escola de Camins, Edifici D2 - Aula CIHS (planta baixa)
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