Cicle de seminaris del professor Po-Wen Cheng de l'Institute of Aircraft Desing

dimecres, 9 maig, 2018

Durant el mesos de maig i juny el professor Po-Wen Cheng, de l'Institute of Aircraft Design (Stuttgart) impartirà, a l'Escola de Camins, diversos seminaris sobre Energia Eòlica.

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Els seminaris s'impartiran a la sala polivalent del C1 a les 12h.

16/05/2018 - Wind Energy Research at the University of Stuttgart. A short presentation on the wind energy research in southern Germany, as part of the research cluster WindForS, the planned wind energy test site in complex terrain and the research activities at the university of Stuttgart and especially the ongoing works at the wind energy group. The three main areas of the wind energy research group are control and optimization of wind turbines and wind farms, measurement and validation and conceptual design and simulation. On- going projects and major results will be presented.

06/06/2018 - Wind energy, past, present and the future. Why there is basically one wind energy concept that dominate the current wind turbine design. To understand we need to go back to the past to revisit the designs that have been tried before, such as one or two bladed rotor, downwind turbine, vertical axis, stall regulated wind turbine or asynchronous generator. Furthermore more we will look at the current challenges for wind turbine design, onshore, offshore and floating. How will the wind turbines and wind farm look out in 20 years? Will they be very different than what we know today?  

13/06/2018 - New Technology Developments in Wind. Here we will go into the future technology development of the wind turbine system and component. Where the innovations are coming from, on the rotor side, can the size rotor grow further? Can the efficiency of the rotor still being improved? How do we control the wind turbine/wind farm more efficiently to extract more power or reduce the loads? Are there new ideas for the support structure of wind turbines that can still reduce the cost significantly? The innovation of the wind energy also need to cope with the increasing penetration of (variable) renewable energies in the grid, can or should wind power plants behave like fossil fuel power plants?