International Summer Course:technologies for sanitation

International Summer Course: Decentralized low cost technologies for sanitation in developing countries. A case-study in India

International Summer Course

Decentralized low cost technologies for sanitation in developing countries. A case-study in India
The overall objective is to introduce students to the situation of urban sanitation in developing countries, current solutions for sewage and sludge management, and low-cost treatment systems. The course will be based on lectures given by specialists in process fundamentals, basics for design and practical application to real cases.
• Participants can attend either the complete course or only some MODULES. The cost of each module will be proportional to its duration (200€).
•  As the primary target audience is undergraduate engineering students, the course orientation is rather theoretical with application to a real case. Anyway, the course is also open to any professional in the field.

Venue: TECNUN. San Sebastian. Spain.
Dates:  June 23rd to July 4th
Timetable: Lectures from 9:00h to 14:00h in the mornings; the evening and week-end include time for organized cultural activities.
Course Brochure:
Audience: Undergraduate students after 2nd year; maximum number 25
Modules: Two days each (See topics and dates in the brochure)
1. Wetlands
2. Anaerobic reactor
3. Composting
Registration deadline: May 30th at 12:00h GMT
• Susmita Sinha, Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination Society (CDD) / Bangalore. India
• Chris Buckley, University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) / DURBAN. South Africa
• Joan García, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Barcelona. Spain
• Chris Zurbrügg, SANDEC. EAWAG / Switzerland
• Jaime L. García de las Heras, CEIT-TECNUN (Universidad de Navarra) / San Sebastian. Spain
• Enrique Aymerich, CEIT-TECNUN (Universidad de Navarra) / San Sebastian. Spain
• Juan García Ganuza, Navarra Infraestructuras Locales S.A. (NILSA) / Pamplona. Spain

This course is in the frame of Tecnun Summer Program 2014. It is still accepting applications as there are places available in some of the courses. Our 2014 Program includes a variety of options with two different modules of technical courses in May and July and a module on Spanish Languaje & Culture in June, allowing different possibilities for the students that can choose and combine the modules as it better fits their possibilities and interests. The participants will have the opportunity of visiting renowned industrial companies of relevance to the courses, museums, surfing, weekend at Barcelona and more! Some Scholarships tuition fee reduction or full exemption are available.

TECNUN. San Sebastian. Spain.
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