CoME Double Seminar

dimarts, 29 setembre, 2015

Numerical modeling of undersea acoustics using a partition of unity method with plane waves enrichment.
A new numerical model to predict the underwater acoustic propagation is obtained by exploring the potential of the Partition of Unity Method (PUM) enriched with plane waves. 

Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Tearing Brittle Thin Sheets.
Thin sheets are very common in nature, technology and daily life. Tearing refers to the situation in which cracks propagate in a thin sheet driven by out-of-plane forces (mod III) loading. 

By: Raúl Hospital-Bravo and Bin Li

Date: October 2nd 2015, Friday, 9:00 h

Location: Room 212, Building C2, Campus Nord UPC

Detailed information can be found at the following link: